​​​Bish Bash Pot

Pottery & Glass Cafe

Week 1 The Weather!

Week 2 Fun with Clay/Imprints

Week 3 Mixed Media Madness

Week 4 **Bonus Read & Paint

Messy Makers happens on Thursdays from 11am - 12 noon for ages 1-5 years, some sessions will be linked to a story whilst others will be based on a theme or season. This is a great way for your little ones to get messy and you to not worry! Sessions are £25 per 4 week slot pre-bookable to ensure you get a place. Don't forget to wear old clothes! Also available during term times. 01904 654114

Messy Makes sessions can be bought as gifts from family and friends. Accessing art activities from a young age can help develop a childs social, emotional and communication skills. Whilst you are here take advantage of our play area to burn off even more energy and recharge with a drink or snack from the cafe

Next Messy Makers starts

Thursday 4th Jan 2018!

​11 am - 12:00 noon

£25  4 weeks 

Juice and biscuits included!